For me as a parent, the best thing is that Anna enjoys her time at computer class so much, learns new concepts and also learns to share (with a friend at the computer).  The fact that she is learning all the fundamental computing skills is a bonus, but not the main focus for me:

I’m not aiming for Anna to be a Bill Gates by the age of 4! I just want her to have fun and if she can learn along the way: great!  Nonetheless, Bob and I are amazed at what she has learnt to do on the computer in less than one year: she will be teaching me how to use the latest applications within a year I’m sure!

Dr. Julia Hush, The King’s School

Thank you for providing a wonderful opportunity for my two children to learn about computers through TechKnowKids. We noticed a significant increase in confidence with computers as a result of TechKnowKids lessons. Starting school and using computers for school work is much easier as the boys developed confidence and enough skills to be ready to learn more effectively when using computers at school.

Cathy Brennan, Principal

Our son Marco has attended TechKnowKids for the last two years. In this time he has developed amazing skills. We are always impressed each week when he comes home after his lesson and tells of the interesting and creative things he has done. Each of the lessons is filled with fun and engaging activities for the children whilst developing useful computer and educational skills.

Marco loves Mondays, as he cannot wait to attend his computer class. He describes his lessons as being “very, very fun”. At home he utilises his new learnt skills and is able to navigate his way around the computer and computer programs.

We appreciate all the work that Edilia and Geof have put into the program. Marco thoroughly enjoys each session and we love receiving the photos and updates of his progress. Thanks for the wonderful work you have done with Marco over the years, and we are certain that these foundation skills will be of a great asset to Marco as he starts school next year.

Antonina Arcidiacono, High School Technology & Applied Sciences Coordinator

Winner of NSW Quality Teaching Award

We have our own computers for the preschool room, but we still continue to pay for TechKnowKids as an additional service to complement our own computer program. TechKnowKids provides a valuable contribution to the children’s learning with an extensive library of software and age-appropriate curriculum. They provide detailed handouts each week detailing lesson and the areas of development that they have been concentrating on and also give the children a fun worksheet to do at home. This is a big hit with the children and they can’t wait to get home to do their homework. Geof and Edilia put a great deal of effort into the program and the parents and children certainly appreciate it. I would recommend TechKnowKids to any child-care centre as the children gain immense knowledge of computers. It enhances all areas of development such as cognitive language and social development and most importantly, the children love it!

Fiona McLachlan, Director


The educational value of the Tech Know Kids program reaches far beyond gaining computer confidence and sound basic computer skills. The Tech Know Kids program supports every area of a child’s development and incorporates many curriculum areas. Whilst participating in the computer classes children are required to employ, and indeed are challenged to extend, their language, social, thinking/problem solving and fine motor skills.

Melinda Harrington, Director

As a secondary English teacher and parent of two children who participated in TechKnowKids classes, I strongly believe that TechKnowKids significantly supports a child’s engagement in academic and social worlds. Indeed, for young learners there is little difference.

Initially, I enrolled Hannah for the benefits I perceived in early computer use. I hoped she would get a basic introduction to a tool she would use in, at least, her Infants/Primary education. I assumed that she would be familiarised with the keyboard and the use of the mouse. I hoped that the experience would increase her hand-eye coordination and fine-motor skills. I was pleased that these skills were learned by my daughter (and son) but the benefit was not here alone.

I was impressed with the educational programs that the children experienced. The literacy and numeracy programs, for example, built skills in letter and sound recognition and early number patterns. They were colourful and appealing. The worksheets that came home effectively reinforced the key skill of each lesson. In addition to the significant improvement in letter and number, was the growth in the social and communication fields which coincided with attending TechKnowKids classes, particularly in William. I believe that the TechKnowKids learning environment provided a focus for thought and oral/aural engagement, which is evident in increased listening skills, augmented vocabulary and a more organised and logical explanation of ideas and experiences.

I strongly believe that all educational outcomes are improved if the educator finds ways to make learning enjoyable. The fun comes with the sense of discovery and challenge. It comes from sharing the experience of learning with others. It is also essential that broad lifelong skills are encouraged from a young age. Learners need to concentrate, to make predictions, and to make mistakes in a way that supports resilient perseverance. TechKnowKids classes reflect these educational philosophies.

TechKnowKids is a wonderful opportunity for little learners.

Rachel Morgan, Secondary English Teacher