I have lots of fun (usually with Buddy) and I am learning how to use a grown up computer like my Daddy has.
Jeremy 3

I love them teaching me computer. I learn some alphabets-games. Edilia and Geof are the best.
Helen 4

They take us to dinosaurs. We have so much fun. Fridays are my favourite day because I love TechKnowKids
Luke 3

It’s fun. I like playing computers and I want to practice for big school
James 5

They teach me about computers and I can learn to use them with my friends
Ben 5

We play games on the computer, we play Ollo. Do you know Ollo’s funny, he’s a circle. I would sad if I wasn’t a TechKnowKid next year.
Zac 3

I play lots of cool games with my friends and learn lots of cool things
Joshua 5

I like TechKnowKids. I like the snakes, I like to put all the animals in the bin. TechKnowKids is the BEST ! I like working with Geof and ‘Dilia
Jacob 4

I like Edilia and Geof. I love the computers. I like sitting next to my friends doing computers. Best day at Kindy.
Lucy 4

The computer is fun and we get to do things that are not boring.
William 5

I like playing Payuta and Halloween dressups on Sesame Street I like working really hard with all my friends on the computer
James 5

They let us play lots of fun games on the computer and I have fun with the mouse- it has a smiley face on it!
Mia 5

I like playing Ollo. Well, I really like about everything
James 5

I like playing on the computer with my friends. Geof and Edilia are friendly and give us stamps.
Chloe 5

In the centre I work at we have TechKnowKids as part of our Thursday and Friday program. I always look forward to these days as the children in my room are always so excited to participate. Geof and Edilia are very professional and a huge hit with all the children in the centre. From my observations the program that they use is very interactive, fun and engages all the children’s computer skills as well as using skills such as cooperation, listening skills, problem solving, turn taking and concentration. It’s no wonder it is so popular with children and parents alike.

Geof and Edilia are extremely patient and supportive of all children’s learning skills and support all children’s individual needs by showing enthusiasm and understanding of each child in their program.

I would strongly recommend this program for all children and families especially those in their final years before school.

Marcus Fegent
Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood

Marcus Fegent, Teacher

As being a parent and an educational researcher, I would like to express my appreciation for Edilia and Geof’s patience and dedication to young children’s learning. My son, Alvin, started attending Edilia and Geof’s computer lessons since March 2011. He was a shy boy and lacked of confidence in himself. However, few weeks later, he started bragging about his ability of controlling a computer mouse and showed high expectation for the coming computer lessons. This is one of the promising learning outcomes of Alvin’s involvement in this computer lesson I have observed.

In addition, Edilia and Geoff constantly updated weekly lesson information and children’s in-class photos on facebook to keep parents informed of their children’s learning content/activities and welcome parents’ feedbacks/comments. Given the most promising learning outcomes of young children could be expected via close partnership between the family and the caregivers (Pelletier, 2008), this seems to be a central concept of the TKK program.

Finally, I would like to recommend Tech Know Kids as a great computer-assisted learning program for pre-schoolers to develop not only cognitive but other non-cognitive domains, such as social and emotional competence, through well-developed educational software and the two warm and caring instructors.

Chien-Yi (Monica) Jan
PhD Candidate
Faculty of Education and Social Work
The University of Sydney

Pelletier, J. (2008). The role of parents, families and caregivers in young children’s literacy development: A review of programs and research.  Toronto: Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network.

Chien-Yi (Monica) Jan, PHD Candidate

With three children under four and another on the way I don’t always have the time I’d like to sit down with kids and teach them new and exciting material. Being a teacher I am aware of the rapidly developing computer culture available to children, and how quickly they can learn new skills if given the opportunity.

TechKnowKids gives the children this opportunity. Not only are the children encouraged to develop and experience new skills, they do it in the creative, stimulating environment provided by Edilia and Geof. The versatility of TKK provides the children with stimulating hands on activities that capture the children’s imagination and promotes a love of learning. Edilia and Geof’s ability to remain flexible ensures all learning styles and abilities are addressed and catered for.

Not only am I given a highly entertaining run down of the days activity by my son, complete with dance moves and laughter, but pictures from the day and activities able to be completed at home. The TKK staff has superior interpersonal and communication skills that they use to foster meaningful relationships with students and parents alike.

As parents you understand just how enjoyable it is to hear stories about how much your child has enjoyed their day. I simply can not wait until next year when my daughter can join in the TKK learning environment…and neither can she!

Emma McCormick
Masters of Teaching (Sydney University)

Emma McCormick, Educator

My name is Katrina Mirzikinian; I am the director of Thinking Hats Early Learning Centre in Beecroft. My qualifications include BA in Arts, Grad Dip in Education and BA Early Childhood Education. I have taught across the board over the past fifteen years ranging from preschool to secondary school. I am very passionate about my service and an advocate for children and education. I have known and worked with both Geof and Edilia for over five years. TechKnowKids is a wonderful service that provides a fantastic, interactive computer based learning experience for children. Geof and Edilia provide a high quality service that enhances each child’s feeling of; belonging to a learning environment and group, being active in their learning and becoming well skilled in their development. Through different experiences the children are able to explore various key learning areas. Most of the children enjoy each class and look forward to the new and exciting adventures each session offers. Geof and Edilia are exceptional educators and demonstrate a genuine passion for the positive learning environment they have created. Additionally, TechKnowKids is a great way for preschool children to prepare for school readiness and adapt their skills and knowledge to a wide range of experiences in the future.

Katrina Mirzikinian, Director of Thinking Hats Early Learning Centre

It wasn’t until after the first computer lesson that the benefits of having taught her a few computer skills became apparent. Lucy isn’t particularly confident in her own ability but after the first lesson she realised for the first time that she was good at something.

Each week I take out the sheet and we talk about what she did that day. The sheet reminds me to ask Lucy ‘How was computer class’ but I can also ask her a specific question from the sheet, such as how many polar bears did you find in the adventure. Sometimes there is feedback on the sheet about how Lucy is going. I really look forward to reading these comments. In the two years since Lucy has been going to computer class I haven’t yet seen a sheet repeated and I keep them all.

I am very pleased with the way the lessons are structured and the content that they get through. Lucy has thoroughly enjoyed her computer class experience and she will be going off to school next year with some valuable computer knowledge.

Samantha Pennington, High School Technology Teacher

For parents considering classes for their children-Don’t hesitate to give it a go. Also, think beyond the obvious re: what they will be learning. It’s not just about learning to use a mouse and keyboard.

I think it’s a wonderful opportunity for kids to engage in learning a whole range of skills that are crucial for school. Learning needs to be fun, especially for preschoolers, and you have done a great job at this.

Anita Doyle, Educational Psychologist

Participating in the TechKnowKids computer course has proved to be very rewarding in that my daughter not only learned computer skills but improved her language and communication capacities. Both my daughter and I are very grateful to TechKnowKids and this experience will become an inseparable part of our memory of this visit to Australia.

Liyun Huang, Visiting Chinese Academic (Education Research)

Learning and Teaching Centre, Macquarie University