Technology Lesson Plans

Dynamic Technology Lesson Plans

When planning technology lesson plans, it is essential to put the same time and thought into them as your normal lessons in order to produce effective and dynamic learning opportunities.

There are a number of techniques and considerations that should be made in order to produce effective technology lesson plans.

This article will help you as an early years teacher or parent understand how to effectively teach technology skills to preschoolers.

Effective Technology Lesson Plans

Among the important points of developing technology lesson plans are the following:

  •  Maximising student contact time – try to maximise the amount of time that each student has with the equipment. If you do not have enough computers to have each student at their own, then work in rotations with small groups working at the computer while the rest of the class does another activity.
  • Scaffold activities – make sure that what you are expecting from the students builds on previously taught skills and goes step by step for them.
  • Encourage collaboration – try to encourage collaborative learning in your technology lesson plans through tailoring activities to involve some pair or group work or discussion. This is valuable for helping to develop children´s social skills as well as helping them to learn from each other.
  • Don´t teach technology in isolation – Technology and computer studies should not be taught in isolation, but should be used in a meaningful way to teach other content from the school curriculum. Find ways of integrating the technology skills that you want to impart alongside the other learning that is taking place inside the classroom.
  • Provide follow up activities – the learning that takes place with the technology should be used to springboard into other ideas. When planning your technology lesson plans always include follow up activities that either consolidate what was learned with the technology or extend the learning.

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