Start Early with Computer Education

An article on Perth Now discusses the findings of an investigation into online safety. The key takeaway from this research is the need for children to begin learning about computers, technology and especially the Internet from a young age.

The High-Wire Act Report has made several suggestions to Parliament about ways to teach teenagers and children about keeping safe in a world that has become increasingly web based.

The first recommendation calls on Early Childhood Minister Peter Garrett to consider providing “cyber-safety” lessons in pre-schools and kindergartens.

“It seems sensible that schools introduce cyber-safety when they introduce computers and online access,” the report, released on Monday, says.

“Unfortunately, it is just too late, because children have already developed a set of habits and practices.”

Other recommendations from the report include the following:

  • Cyber-safety student mentoring programs in Australian schools
  • Development of a definition of cyber-bullying
  • Teaching children about computers and online safety in pre-school and kindergarten

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