Lesson Plan for Preschool

Lesson Plan for Preschool Technology Use

Just like any other lesson that would be taught in any school or kindergarten, a lesson plan for preschool technology classes is essential.

Technology and computer studies are today considered to be just as important as the more tradition school subjects and information communication technologies are being integrated into every day class tasks and projects.

Schools no longer rely on the chalkboard and rote learning of yesterday, classrooms are now wired worlds where dynamic and collaborative learning takes place every day.

To take part successfully in the learning of today, children need to be adaptive, flexible and collaborative learners who are able to handle technology confidently.

Children´s technology education should begin early in life during preschool. Being taught how to interact effectively with technology early in their education creates intuitive technology users.

Lesson Plan for Preschool Computer Class Tips

When you develop a lesson plan for preschool computer classes, there are a couple of elements that you need to consider:

  • Equipment – you need to ensure that the equipment you have is well-maintained, the cables and plugs are safely away from children and that there is sufficient equipment for students to use.
  • Time – Preschoolers should not spend more than 30 minutes on the computers. Any longer will not have educational value as their attention span will be spent and extended use will become simply electronic babysitting.
  • Activities – Plan your activities thoroughly and ensure that any software or websites that you visit are suitable for the age group and will not include inappropriate content. When using a website, always check back immediately before use as content, especially advertising on side bars, can often change and may no longer be appropriate.
  • Skills – Make sure that you have previously taught any skills that will be needed in order to successfully navigate software or websites.
  • Connections – Always ensure that your lesson plan for preschool technology classes include the opportunity for students to make connections between what they have experienced using the computers and the content you are studying in class.

 Try to include critical thinking extension activities that require students to go beyond what they have just learned – conversation, open questions, drama activities and problem solving are very effective.

 For further reading about how to make a successful lesson plan for preschool technology classes visit – http://ictearlyyears.e2bn.org/

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