Australian Children World Leaders in Internet Uptake

A study has found that Aussie kids are getting a headstart on the rest of the online world, being amongst the youngest and most prolific Internet users.

AU Kids Online was authored by professors from the ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation (CCI) and was undertaken in conjunction with a 25 nation survey in the Europe.

The study reveals that, on average, Aussie kids get online for the first time at just under eight years of age. This makes them some of the youngest internet users out of the 26 nations involved in the study.

Professor Lumby noted that the study showed that Australian children and teenagers were not only using the internet to passively consume material – they were actively creating and sharing content, with almost half photos, videos or music.

She added: “This study shows that now is the time for Australia to invest in supporting educational initiatives to keep our children safe online and able to explore the significant benefits of online learning and social networking.”


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