And the Winners Are

Here’s the winner of our annual drawing competition. Stella’s drawing was judged the best by our panel of judges. We received so many gorgeous drawings you can view them in the Facebook album.

Our parent competition was won by Joanne Eckermann who submitted the best reason for being a TechKnowKid in 2017 here:

Congratulations to Joanne Eckermann who won the Date Night on Us Competition by submitting this explanation of what her son learned beyond computer skills in our classes.



Thanks for being that something to bribe Jensen with to attend daycare without whinging on Tuesdays. Also… SO great he can use a laptop and mouse well enough to accidentally post on my postgrads discussion forum when I’m working at home…..No no what I MEANT to say was he’s got good familiarity with a keyboard and keystrokes and moving a mouse around (that all the surprise egg videos on you tube in the world could not have taught him) , not to mention the creativity and analytical skills and fun-great to see positive outcomes from screen time…..we will miss you next year!

Thank you to the parents who provided positive feedback on our service. As we rarely see parents it’s the only time we hear from parents.



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