Why Be a TechKnowKid?

A question we are asked by many parents. The children ask “Where are we going today?” on our arrival at child care centres everyday. For children learning in a TechKnowKids class each week is an adventure to a new world. It is an experience that cannot be replicated at home. The lessons are fun and engaging as we cover a wide range of subjects with a new lesson each week. Each lesson is linked to the next and provides positive interaction with peers in structured age appropriate learning activities. Children say we make them happy.

Learning about Technology
Has Never Been So Fun!

  • Highly Acclaimed Program
  • Guaranteed Results
  • Preparing Kids for the Real World

How This Works

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    2 specialist instructors provide a structured half-hour weekly lesson using a thematic approach to learning. We research the software, design the curriculum, provide access to our equipment and library of software, program the lessons and teach the classes. Each week there is a custom designed handout for each child that explains the class activity for the day.

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    Watch your child learn

    TechKnowKids provides a broad cross curricular program integrating technology into all areas of learning. Our program empowers children to use technology to learn a variety of age appropriate subjects with specially selected software. Children are also allocated into small groups designed to promote and enhance social interaction skills.

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    Give your child the best opportunity to succeed

    Technology is increasingly a part of everyday life – one of the most powerful tools your children will use in long-term education. The small personal nature of the class makes it ideal preparation for school.

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