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How to Find a Great Early Childhood Education Centre

Finding the right early childhood education centre for your child is pivotal for how your child enjoys and develops throughout the early years phase of learning.

Some centres are better than others, but the reasons why are not always straightforward; what may be a wonderful centre for one child, may not be the right choice for another.

In some centres the staff members are highly trained and make the centre an enriching and caring learning environment, in other centres there are amazing resources for the students, still other centres may be academically very demanding.

Indeed, there are many factors that can go into making an early childhood education centre “great”.

Besides the actual staff and the centre, you also need to consider the learning needs and personality of your child.

There are some children who flourish in centres that are very creative and where imagination reigns supreme and other children may require a more routine or structured day at school.

Some children may need small class sizes where there is a very high level of individual attention in order to learn effectively and for other children the size of the class is not as relevant.

In order to find the right early childhood education centre for your child and for your family, there are various considerations to make.

Taking the time to think carefully about the early years centre you send your child to will help to make their first experience with formal education a positive one.

Finding an Early Childhood Education Centre Tips

Before you settle on where to enrol your child for their early years education, you should read these tips:

  • Teacher to student ratio – ideally there will be a smaller teacher to student ratio so that your child gets more teacher attention and time.
  • Balance and variety – there should be a balance between academic, cultural and fun activities for children. Throughout the average day the child should have a range of activities presented.
  • Communication – strong channels of communication between the centre and the parents is important. You should always feel that you are able to communicate openly with the centre and its staff.
  • Environment and resources – the centre’s resources and space should be safe, in good condition and suitable for the needs of the size of the school.
  • Flexible curriculum – the curriculum at the early childhood education centre should be flexible enough to allow children to explore their burgeoning talents and interests.

Before settling on an early childhood education centre for your child, you should visit a couple of different locations and see the centre in action and speak to the teachers.

For further reading on how to choose an early childhood education centre visit: http://www.schools.nsw.edu.au/media/downloads/schoolsweb/gotoschool/yr2010/familyguide.pdf

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