• 2 specialist instructors provide a structured half-hour weekly lesson using a thematic approach to learning.
  • We research the software, design the curriculum, provide access to our equipment and library of software, program the lessons and teach the classes.
  • Each week there is a custom designed handout for each child that explains the class activity for the day.



  • TechKnowKids provides a broad cross curricular program integrating technology into all areas of learning.
  • Empowers children to use technology to learn a variety of age appropriate subjects with specially selected software.
  • Small groups provide interesting and exciting social interaction for the whole class.



  • Centres gain the benefit of two specialist instructors and equipment without the technical headaches, equipment overheads or staff training time needed to provide an effective technology program.
  • This valuable technology education program delivered to your door can help your Centre stand out from the crowd by having specialists as part of your program.
  • Centre staff can rely on the regular TechKnowKids lesson time to do other activities, observations or provide a break for staff for programming or for meal breaks.Technology is increasingly a part of everyday life – one of the most powerful tools your children will use in long-term education. The small personal nature of the class makes it ideal preparation for school.



  • We are a husband-and-wife team, who have been running computer classes in many centres since 1996. It is what we do best and we have taught thousands of children in that time. See our testimonial page.



  • The 30 minute class is held at the same time each week at your centre on TechKnowKids day.


Try Us

  • We can offer an assessment class at your centre for interested parents and parental information resources are provided by us. Try us, you will like us and your parents and kids will love it.

We take great pride in providing our service to centres since 1996.